VOOPOO UFORCE Replacement Coil 5Pk

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VooPoo Uforce Replacement Coil - 5PK Wholesale | VooPoo Replacement Coil Wholesale 

VooPoo's Uforce Replacement Coils are specifically designed for the U-Force Atomizer and have the versatility to pair with other VooPoo devices. The Uforce Replacement Coils can run at various wattages with a plethora of coils to choose from to find the best vape possible. You may take a liking to the P2's 0.6 less harsh hit and smoother flavor with fruitier E-juices. You could also counter balance that with the N1's 0.15 resistance and bump up the wattage quite a bit for a fuller, more bold flavor with some warmth underlying everything, making custards the ideal E-Liquids to pair with this type of coil. Ultimately the choices and styles are infinite so feel free to try them all to find which coil suites your style better.

Coil Details:

  • U2 -Dual Coil (0.4Ω) / Range: 40-80W
  • U4 -Quad Coil (0.23Ω) / Range: 50-120W
  • U6 -Sextuple Coil (0.15Ω) / Range: 65-110W
  • U8 -Octuple Coil (0.15Ω) / Range: 70-130W
  • N1 -Single Mesh (0.13Ω) / Range: 50-100W
  • N2 -Dual Mesh (0.3Ω) / Range: 45-80W
  • N3 -Triple Mesh (0.2Ω) / Range: 65-100W
  • P2 -Single Mesh (0.6Ω) / Range: 24-28W
  • D4 -Quad Coil (0.4Ω) / Range: 50-90W

Package Contents:

  • 1x VooPoo Uforce Replacement Coil - 5PK